Global Family Virtual

Global Family Virtual Choir

A project of the World Children’s Choir
Sponsored by Easy Virtual Choir

A Choir for everyone.

We invite children and adults from every country on every continent to sing together online.  We believe art and music are vehicles for social change.  We believe everyone can learn to sing with beauty, artistry, and joy.

Singing beautiful songs of love and hope can help heal our hearts, minds and bodies; break through our differences; inspire us to work together and give us the strength to carry on.

Join us in our mission to use singing as a vehicle to increase compassion, tolerance, and understanding and building unity around the world.
Hope, oil painting by Sliman Mansour, 1985

Lift your voices in support, hope and solidarity for the people of Palestine.

We invite people of all ages from all nations to sing with us in our new virtual choir video and take part in our online benefit concert, hosted by CommonTime Online.

“Lean On Me”
Virtual Choir Video

Global Family Virtual Choir
participated in World Singing Day 2023.



from the World for the Children of Ukraine

Online Benefit Concert for
Voices of Children
Foundation in Ukraine

The program was originally streamed live from CommonTime on Sunday, November 13th, 2022.

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